Why do some coupons not have a UPC barcode?

All our coupons print with either a GS1, UPC A, EAN barcodes, or a combination. If you are not seeing any barcode on your coupon please read Why do my coupons print without any barcodes?

As of July 2012, manufacturers have been transitioning to use only the new industry standard GS1 Data Barcode for their coupons.

GS1 Barcode


The GS1 barcode is intended to make it easier for manufacturer’s to specify exactly what product the coupon used for and more easily enforce it at the register.

During the transition to the new barcode format, you may notice some coupons have both UPC A & GS1 barcodes to ease the transition efforts.

UPC A and GS1 Barcodes


However, more manufacturers are choosing to go with only the new GS1 barcode. Please be assured that a coupon with only the GS1 barcode is a valid coupon and should be accepted by your retail store.

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