Why does my mobile phone number fail to validate?

If you received an error that your mobile phone number could not be accepted at this time, please check the following requirements:

1. Mobile phone number must be a valid mobile number from any US based wireless provider.

2. Your mobile phone is able to send and receive text messages.

There are times when those requirements have been met, but a mobile phone number still cannot be verified by our security provider. Some of the reasons for not having a verifiable number include:

1. Your phone is utilizing some types of prepackaged prepaid mobile plan.

2. Your phone number is a Google voice number, not capable of being a verified text number.

3. Your phone number is attached to a landline.

4. You do not have a U.S. phone number.

If you meet all the above requirements and you're not receiving the verification code, it is possible that the following may have happened:

1. You have entered an incorrect number.

2. You have a new phone number that tied to a previously high-risk phone.

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