Why am I not able to view or scroll the coupon gallery?

Follow the instructions below to see if our suggestions can resolve the issue.


Clear your browser settings, including cookies, cache, and history.

How to clear browser settings?


If you normally access the website from your bookmark or favorites, go directly to the website by typing the website URL such as


Try a different browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.
Check if the issue is isolated to your current browser.


Check for a software conflict. Antivirus, Firewall, Spyware, or Malware software may be blocking our coupon content from loading on the web page.

  • Try temporarily turning off the program. Go back to the site, and hit the refresh icon in the browser to reload the page.

  • Look in the program under a ‘Firewall' or 'Add Site' or 'Exceptions' or 'Settings’ menu for an option to add the site that is being affected as a safe site.

  • If the software is free you can REMOVE the software, reboot the computer, and try reloading the web page in your browser to verify if there is still a conflict.

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